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Stipend Program

Program Description

The Stipend Program is a job readiness and skills training opportunity for adult participants in The Maui Farm’s Family Strengthening Program, to better prepare them for re-entry into the workforce.   The Stipend Program provides on-the-job skills training, coaching and supervision, and support for achievement of personal employment goals.  All services contribute to building the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to help prepare participants to obtain fulltime employment offering a liveable wage. 

Participants work an average of 12 hours per week for three to six months, and earn an hourly stipend that helps to support their families while they implement plans to obtain gainful fulltime employment.  Supervised training experiences are offered in the areas of sustainable agriculture/gardening, plant nursery work, and grounds and facilities maintenance.  The job readiness skills learned in these areas are easily translatable to employment in other work areas.  


Participants receive one-on-one training through supervised work experiences on the farm, and are provided a supportive environment in which to develop skills and explore new career opportunities.  Staff supervisors provide training and instruction on the tasks to be accomplished in each work project, and the job readiness skills to be applied and practiced.  They also supervise the participants’ performance of their duties and tasks, and offer supportive coaching and feedback to improve job performance and application of job readiness skills.

Participants learn about personal safety in the workplace, good work ethics, day-to-day farm maintenance routines, how to create and maintain a clean and safe work environment, sustainable agronomic practices (mulching, composting, fertilizing, etc.), animal husbandry, nursery work, and more.  Participants receive verbal and written feedback on job readiness skills including efficiency, timeliness and time management, attitude, communication, and initiative.  Job skills are developed through meaningful, hands-on tasks and experiences, the opportunity to work collaboratively with staff, volunteers and interns, opportunities to lead farm tours and student field trips, and opportunities to share the knowledge they have gained with individuals and groups from the community.

With ongoing training in job readiness skills, and supervised work experiences that provide opportunities for consistent application of both job readiness and on-the-job skills, the Stipend Program lays a foundation for individuals in our residential programs to seek  and obtain gainful employment.  Successful participants may document their training and work experiences at The Maui Farm on their professional resume, and will receive an employment reference.

Eligibility Criteria

Adult participants in the Family Strengthening Program who are unemployed or employed part-time at the time of admission are eligible to apply for the Stipend Program.  The Stipend Program may also be offered to participants who experience a job loss or job reduction while living at The Maui Farm.